I can hear it too, I can feel it too. That rumbling, that roar, so close you can almost touch it, so powerful it might take you under, yet still so far away you just don’t know if it’s real! The echos of all you are, all you have been and all you could be. It’s the calling, the homing beacon, the lighthouse, reaching through the noise and the chaos to guide you home, it’s your soul telling you it’s time, time to look inward, go deeper and return to who you are. To let go of all the noise and confusion and trust. Trust in yourself, your power, your inner guidance system, your intuition and your connection to the universe, because that is true north.

There is so much potential in you, so much power and possibility, so much magic and beauty. You are destined for a life greater than you ever let yourself imagine and this is your soul calling, reminding you it’s possible...Even if you don’t quite believe it yet. Its time to say yes to the possibility and the magic of the unknown, it’s time to shine your light like never before...because the life you lead is yours to design and you know the way!!

If you’re feeling the pull, if you can hear the call, let this be the sign you need to come home, home to yourself...and if you need a team mate, a cheerleader, an intuitive soul to stand by your side, consider me your girl. It would be an honour to walk with you, hold space for you, and guide you on your way back home.

Let's Get Back to You.



The Reset 

A one hour, one off coaching session designed to help you hit the reset button. An opportunity to create the sacred space and time you need to tackle that block, reframe that issue, reflect on where you are and explore where you want to be.  

The Reset is for you if: 

  • You know there's a particular issue you'd like to tackle and you need a little support in getting started. 

  • You'd like to bring a coach into your world and want to explore how it might support you and if we would be a good fit.  

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Investment £150

Dedicate Days

A day dedicated to you. To going inward, to creating space, exploring and reconnecting. A day of intensive support designed to help you come into conversation with yourself, your inner guidance system and your magic! Dedicate days are a powerful container to help you identify and move through your blocks, reset your inner operating system and recalibrate your mind. They are an opportunity to befriend yourself, prioritise your growth and start saying yes to the way you truly want to live!

A dedicate day is the perfect container for you if:


  • You’re feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed or disconnected right now and you’d like some dedicated time, space and support to help ground, tune back in and explore what’s really going on so that you can shift it.


  • You’re not ready to commit to a full coaching program right now, but you’re looking for more than just a1 or 2 hour session, so you can really get stuck in and get things in motion (physically and energetically).

How does it work?


You’ll have access to me via Voxer all day (9.30-5). So we can chat back and forth, explore where you’re at, understand any resistance that’s coming up for you, and start to really shift things on a deep level so you by the end of the day you’re moving in the direction you really want to go.

Working in this way is incredible because there’s room for you to go away and actually take action on the things that are coming up for you. You can do the coaching exercises, experiment with the tools, take the leap of faith and come back to me over and over again to ask questions, tackle your blocks, get clarity and most importantly be lovingly held and cheered for as you dedicate some time to you and the life you want to live!


I can’t wait to have a day, dedicated to you!!! 

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Investment £500

Restore: A 3 month coaching journey 

A 3 month coaching journey designed to support and empower you as you reconnect with, explore, and restore your inner world. Intensive 1:1 support designed to hold you as you tune inward, come into deep conversation with yourself and reconnect to the roots of who you are harnessing that power to create deep soul led and soul aligned transformation.

This program is a deep dive. An opportunity to say yes!! Yes to really showing up for yourself, yes getting to know yourself on a soul level, and yes to choosing the way you truly want to live and feel. This program is an opportunity to lovingly examine your foundations, release anything that is no longer serving you and restore those roots so that they are aligned and amplify your light.


It’s time to restore yourself and rise.

Restore is for you if: 

  • You're ready to go deep into your inner world and really connect with who you are. 

  • You're ready to be brutally honest with yourself about where you are, what's holding you back and what you desire. 

  • You're ready to shift the old patterns and operating systems that have been keeping you stuck, so that you can step into the way of being and living that's been calling you. 

  • You're ready to be lovingly challenged and held as you come into conversation with yourself and start to walk the path home to your inner wisdom. 

  • You know that you need to create some sacred space and time to really set intentions, explore and access support to ensure lasting change. 

How it works: 

  • You'll receive 61:1 coaching sessions with me over the course of our 3 months together. The recordings will be sent to you directly and will be available for life. 

  • You'll also have Voxer access to me (9.30-2.30 Monday- Thursday) so we can talk through whatever is coming up for you as it's happening. 

  • Throughout our time together you'll receive bespoke recommendations of books, resources, and tools to support you as you explore. 

I’ve got you every step of the way!!

Investment £1200
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Pay what you can

It’s really important to me that this business and my offerings are inclusive and accessible for those who really need and can benefit from them. In alignment with this, each quarter I offer at least one ‘pay what you can space’ which can be applied to any of my 1:1 coaching services. These spaces are open to anyone that’s ready and committed to doing the work on and for themselves. There is no ‘entry’ criteria or bench mark for financial affordability/need and I will never ask you to prove your eligibility. I trust and want to be there for you, so let’s do it our way!! 


If I receive more applications than I have space for a name will be picked out of a hat, and if I can’t help on this occasion I’ll invite you to please apply again, because if I can help I will! 


If you feel that working with me is the right next step on your journey, but you’re not sure how to make it happen, please, please do apply for a ‘pay what you can’ place below. It’s a quick form that just helps me understand a little more about you and where you’re at. I can’t wait to ‘meet ‘ you!!

If you're feeling the call to work together I cannot wait to 'meet' you!

I'm so excited for you to step into the magic. 

Let's find out if we're good fit... drop me an email via: welcomehome@letsgetbacktoyou.co.uk so we can jump on a call and get to know each other. Alternatively, you can book a 30 minute Connect Call via the button below!

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