I can hear it too, I can feel it too. That rumbling, that roar, so close you can almost touch it, so powerful it might take you under, yet still so far away you just don’t know if it’s real! the echos of all you are, all you have been and all you could be. It’s the calling, the homing beacon, the lighthouse, reaching through the noise and the chaos to guide you home, it’s your soul telling you it’s time, time to look inward, go deeper and return to who you are. To let go of all the noise and confusion and trust. Trust in yourself, your power, your inner guidance system, your intuition and your connection to the universe, because that is true north.


There is so much potential in you, so much power and possibility, so much magic and beauty. You are destined for a life greater than you ever let yourself imagine and this is your soul calling, reminding you it’s possible...Even if you don’t quite believe it ye. Its time dear one to say yes to the possibility and the magic of the unknown, it’s time to shine your light like never before...because the life you lead is yours to design and you know the way!!


If you’re feeling the pull if you can hear the call let this be the sign you need to come home, home to yourself...and if you need a team mate, a cheerleader, an intuitive soul to stand by your side, consider me your girl. It would be an honour to walk with you, hold space for you, and guide you and on your way back home.


Let’s Get Back to You



Homecoming: A 1 month coaching journey

Are you feeling the call for a fresh start, an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin again, to build your life by design from a place of connection, faith and trust instead of fear, doubt, and separation from soul or intuition. Are you feeling the need to shift perspectives to go from outside in. To come back into communication with your inner knowing and return to your true soulful self instead of looking outside of yourself for validation, insight or expectations. If there’s a little voice inside you saying yes, then my homecoming monthly coaching package is here to serve and support you.


Though this month long 1:1 coaching opportunity I will hold space for you, champion and support you as you come back into conversation with yourself and explore the life you truly want to live. This package creates the space to do a deep dive into your vision, your blocks, resistance and mindset. It’s an invitation to deepen your connection with yourself and step into trust, trust of all that you know and all that you are. It’s an opportunity to move forward from a place of empowered choice and ownership because the magic truly begins when you come back home.


Package Includes: 


  • 1 1hr zoom coaching call at the start of our work together,

  • Lifetime Access to the call recording so you can refer back to it along the way,

  • Live WhatsApp coaching for the month following our initial call (4 days a week Monday- Thursday 9-4)

  • Access to my core foundational workshops soulful celebration (soon to be released) and hold the vision, to anchor you in a new energy and remind you how magical you are.

  • A bespoke ‘coaches choice’ gift box to support your journey of self exploration and expansion (sent direct to you at the start of your month).

Investment £400

Breathing Space Sessions

Is something on you mind? Do you feel blocked or stuck in a particular area of your life, career or spiritual journey?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress or chronically in need of some self care? Are you ready to make a change in your life but need some space to get clarity, lock in some focus and move into action?

My breathing space sessions offer an opportunity to do just that. These1hr one to one coaching sessions are a designed to be a pause, the space between an inhale and an exhale. A moment to step back, reflect and regroup so that you can move forward with clarity, confidence and a deeper connection to your vision. I will be your team mate, your cheerleader and accountability buddy supporting you to show up for yourself and the life you want to live. Consider this a reset, consider it some breathing space, the launch pad for change!


Package includes:

  • A 1hr focused Zoom coaching session,

  • Access to the call recording,

  • Accountability check in 2 weeks after the initial call,

  • Bespoke post session action plan and homework recommendations.

Investment £100

If you're feeling the call to work together I cannot wait to 'meet' you!

I'm so excited for you to step into the magic. 

Let's find out if we're good fit... drop me an email via: so we can jump on a call and get to know each other. Alternatively, you can book a 30 minute Connect Call via the button below

...Let's make some magic!

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