Digital Downloads

The way I work is incredibly intuitive and some days I’ll sit down at my desk and receive a message or a lesson so clear it just has to come through me and be expressed into the world. I call these magical messages downloads, because they very often feel like they’re coming through from beyond me. They flow into reality with ease and grace and are usually words or sentiments I needed to hear myself. In case they’re the words you’ve been needing too (I don’t think it’s any coincidence you’ve found yourself here) I want to make them as easy to access and return to as possible.


So, everything you find in this section is available as a digital download so that you can connect in to the magic that’s seeking you, fast. Whether it’s affirmation prints to fill your space with positive, uplifting messages or guidebooks and workshops which support and hold you in laying strong foundations as you walk the path home to yourself, everything here is ready and waiting to serve you!


Once it’s yours it’s yours for life and will be with you right away, so whatever’s calling you, it’s time to jump right in.

Let’s Get Back to You!!

Own Your Awesome, Reclaim Your Power is a digital workshop/workbook packed full of coaching exercises, prompts, tips and tricks to support you in reconnecting to yourself, remembering who you are (and how far you’ve come) and embracing all the awesome power and magic that is you, always. Whether you need a confidence boost, are looking to better understand your strengths, or are ready to make shift and stand in your unlimited personal power, allow me to be your cheerleader, your team mate, and your guide in coming home to yourself.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with day to day life right now? Are you overworking and under resting? Are you being called to make a change? Are you looking to shift from a place of self-neglect (I see you there, last place on the list) to self -compassion and loving kindness?  


If so, my Introduction to Self-Care 4 week e-coaching program might be just what you need. This deep and soul centred program will walk you through 4 weeks of transformational change to help you start treating yourself with a little more compassion and little more love. Through my coaching exercises you’ll learn ways to reconnect with yourself and your needs, you’ll be supported to rip up the proverbial self-care rule book and start setting your own terms. You’ll find practical strategies to help you actually start making shifts in real life, and when those pesky blocks come up that have you turning to your old ways, I’ll be waiting in the metaphorical wings to help you call out those limiting patterns and move beyond them!

Self Care coaching

Connect Cards- A deck of 52 colourful e-affirmation cards to bring you words of love, inspiration, and encouragement. Whether you need a moment of positivity in your morning routine, a mindful way to ground during the tough times or a prompt for your journaling practice, these connect cards will support you in coming home to yourself.  

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