Free Magic

Who doesn't love a bit of free magic hey... Here you'll find a selection of goodies packed full of tips, tricks and strategies to get you shifting and up-levelling your energy no matter where you are on your spiritual/self discovery adventure. There's everything from e-books to blog posts and podcast chats to explore, so enjoy!

I'd recommend grabbing a journal and a pen, perhaps a snuggly blanket and a candle before feeling your way into whatever is calling. If it grabs your attention jump in, and see what gems you uncover! 

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Surrender meditation

A 5 minute reset designed to support you in letting go, surrendering, and stepping fully into the space created by trust.

Cutting through the noise: hearing the call of intuition

5 Tools to bring you back to your truth, activate your inner knowing and amplify your light!

The Illumination Deck

A 52 card e-affirmation deck designed to supercharge your light with words of love, support and inspiration. 


A playlist to get you vibing. Let's up the frequency and supercharge your energy!!

Season 2: Episode 2

A lovely conversation with the fantastic Dr Rathika Marsh, where we explore my healing journey that's taken me from anxiety to the work I do now!

Podcast Episode 33

An amazing conversation with Digital Marketing Coach and accidental entrepreneur Alice Benham. We chat about making self-care your own, and using it to create a business and life that's thriving!

Inspire and Enjoy Interview

An opportunity to get to know me, and where Let's Get Back to You came from. An exploration of self-care, the no rules way!

Inspire and Enjoy: 3 Tips for using social media mindfully

My top tips for reframing social media and making your feed a place of fun instead of frustration.

Want to go deeper? Find more juicy insights and soul centric strategies in my

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