My values guide and shape how my business (and I) show up for you, and the world. I want to be a force for good and light, so below I've shared my foundations so you can understand a little more of what to expect from working with me. It's my commitment to you as you walk this journey. 


Professional Conduct, Accountability and Personal Embodiment:

  • I want to be clear that what I offer is not therapy and I am not a clinician. What I do is a mix of coaching and mentoring derived from the many practice hours I’ve completed throughout years of service delivery for charities, local authorities and educational institutions, where I have directly coached and mentored individuals of all ages and experiences in relation to countless different needs and challenges. My approach is also grounded in the theoretical knowledge gained via my psychology degree, and further rooted in my extensive work place training and CPD.


If something comes up in our work together that needs therapeutic or clinical support I will lovingly tell you (this is totally normal). In such an instance, we will remain mindful of this and how it may influence other areas of your experience, but we won’t unpack it together as it wouldn’t be safe for me to do that with you.


  • Coaching can sometimes involve asking and exploring some tough questions that might feel uncomfortable or triggering. To feel this way is normal and a powerful part of the process, but it’s important for me to highlight that when we’re working together, no matter the block you’re facing or the potentially difficult question I may be asking, there is never any judgement on my part. The coaching relationship is one built on a foundation of unconditional positive regard, and trust. I am asking you to trust me with your stories and experiences, and I trust fully in your ability to heal and make the changes you desire to make. I stand in my power and I trust that my clients are always in theirs. No matter where you are, you got this, and I’m with you every step of the way.

  • Walking the path of healing isn’t always easy. This work can feel hard and uncomfortable and requires a big commitment to yourself. I know this because I’m on the path too, and it’s of the highest importance to me that I honour the work you do, by always doing my own and embodying what it is to heal, and to keep choosing the life you desire. I will never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t be willing to do myself and I commit to showing up for my own growth, personal development, healing and expansion accordingly. I will work on this consistently and share my journey to provide an honest and authentic representation of what it is to walk this path. I do so in the hope that it will support and inspire others to keep choosing themselves.

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  • Having spent years working on my own holistic health and wellbeing I now have a huge respect for and desire to protect my energy and state of wellness, and on the whole I do this successfully. However, if for any reason I’m not feeling my best energetically or physically I will always be honest with you, and let you know. In such an instance I will also always choose to rearrange any sessions we have booked rather than show up for you in a less than optimal state. Because my experiences often involve anxiety this may be at short notice. It’s important to me that whenever we work together you receive my fullest attention and the highest quality support, so if that cannot be provided I’ll find another opportunity to hold that high vibe space for you. However, if you are in need of immediate support I will find someone who can step in in the interim.

  • In extending myself this courtesy, I also make the same flexibility and understanding available to you. There is no time limited cancelation policy in place here. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you can do so right up to the booked time just let me know via Voxer and we’ll get something else in place. If I didn’t know you might need to rearrange, I’ll wait for 15 minutes after our planned session time before contacting you to book in an alternative day.

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  • In order for my business to be sustainable both financially and in respect to my holistic health I have a carefully considered availability and pricing structure in place. This means I am able to show up and offer the best quality and value service to every client. I understand however that this pricing may not be accessible for everyone, and it’s critically important to me that no matter your position, if you want to do the work on and for yourself, you can. So in each quarter I will offer at least one
    'pay what you can' place to a successful applicant. I will also ensure that this is opportunity is available across all of my coaching services. 


  • I am committed to creating resources and delivering services that are inclusive and accessible. This means that my offering will always include free and low cost options as well as my high price point services.

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Impact: Environmental and Social

  • I want my business to be a force for good, not just in the work I do with clients but in the broader community and world, so I am committed to operating in an ethical and sustainable way. I will plant a tree on behalf of every client I take on, and will increase this contribution as my income and reach grows. Ultimately I want to be running a carbon neutral business.


  • Having worked in the charity sector for many years I want to make sure my business is giving back and reaching those who need support, so I will offer my time and knowledge to charitable organisations as often as I can within the constraints of my client work and personal state of wellbeing.


  • I will also make financial donations to charities I feel connected with at multiple points throughout the year.


If you're feeling the call to work together I cannot wait to 'meet' you!

I'm so excited for you to step into the magic. 

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