'Pay what you can' Application Form 

It’s really important to me that this business and my offerings are inclusive and accessible for those who really need and can benefit from them. In alignment with this, each quarter I offer at least one ‘pay what you can space’ which can be applied to any of my 1:1 coaching services. These spaces are open to anyone that’s ready and committed to doing the work on and for themselves. There is no ‘entry’ criteria or bench mark for financial affordability/need and I will never ask you to prove your eligibility.
I trust and want to be there for you, so let’s do it our way!! 


If I receive more applications than I have space for a name will be picked out of a hat, and if I can’t help on this occasion I’ll invite you to please apply again, because if I can help I will! 


If you feel that working with me is the right next step on your journey, but you’re not sure how to make it happen, please, please do apply for a ‘pay what you can’ place below. It’s a quick form that just helps me understand a little more about you and where you’re at. I can’t wait to ‘meet ‘ you!!

Thank you so much, I'll be in touch.

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