Are you giving yourself the tools you need to thrive?

You know you’re a coach when you can turn seemingly mundane things like new walking boots (ok, not so mundane 😉) into profound learning moments 😆. This evening as I was walking through ice rink style mud in the pouring rain, and fading light to make sure my pooch got his walk today I realised have to give yourself the tools to thrive! I’ll say that again, you have to give yourself the tools to thrive.

How did this magic notion hit me? I’ve walked this particular walk a thousand times, in every weather and every state of slipy, slidey, sodden madness imaginable, and yes in said state I’m usually the epitome of Bambi on ice. I slide around gripping my husband like my life depends on it, praying not to fall flat on my face. I wobble and wince, I shuffle along at a snails pace hunched in a ball and half holding my breath. I’ve felt embarrassed and weak, lost my confidence and told myself the story that it’s my body, that I’m not strong enough, and that I can’t handle tough terrain without help because it’s just a limitation of mine. Except today. Today, despite the saturated ground, the pools of water, the sliding banks and the impending dark, supported by my new walking boots (the best I’ve ever had) I managed every step of my walk with sure footing and confidence. Not once did my heart leap into my mouth with an imminent sense of falling, I was solid all the way, and suddenly it wasn’t me, it wasn’t my body or my limitations. It was my tools. In that moment I realised the value and importance of arming yourself with the right tools. Yes I’ve always had walking boots but I’ve not always invested in the top of the range, totally supportive, all terrain appropriate walking boots that really I need when walking daily for hours in the Forest of Dean. Now, this isn’t really a post about walking boots (had you fooled though didn’t I!) this is about recognising that when we give ourselves the things we need at the level we need them, to support, back and elevate ourselves, our limitations can fade away and become things we no longer fight to conquer but things we simply do.

How can you give yourself the tools you need to thrive? 💫💛


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