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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Hi there I’m Amy.

I’m the intuitive coach, spiritual cheerleader and lightworker behind Let’s Get Back to You. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet, it’s a pleasure to ‘meet’ you and I hope what you find here serves and supports you. While you’re here I thought I’d share a little bit about me and my journey to Let’s Get Back to You. It’s a pretty interesting story (although I might be a tad biased) and I bet it’s one you can relate to, after all you found me for a reason, right?!

My journey into the world of coaching, intuition, and spirituality really started to unfold when I was in university, but to give you the full picture I now realise I was walking this path long, long before that phase of my life. As a child I experienced a lot strange things I couldn’t explain. I’d know people’s names without having to ask them, I’d have thoughts or get a feeling about something that would then play out in front of me, I’d have dreams that I would then see unfold in the real world too…the day I met my husband I heard in my mind as clear as day, I’ll marry him one day, and here we are almost 12 years later having been together for all that time, and married for almost a year. The thing is when I started to have these experiences I didn’t understand them and they scared me half to death so I buried them and developed a bit of a fear of myself. I was afraid I could make things happen just by thinking about them so I shut that part of myself down and tried to carry on with my life. The thing is that when you’re incredibly intuitive, aware, empathetic and as sensitive as I was a child the world can feel like a completely overwhelming place. As a result, I’ve struggled with anxiety for most of my life and this came to a head at university when I was studying for a Psychology Degree whilst also working for 2 incredible charities. I was mentoring and providing holistic social and mental health support to families children and young people of all ages. It was work I loved and work I knew I’d been born to do, but I’d taken on too much and I knew it.

Thing was by this time I’d bought wholeheartedly into the tick list way of life, into the notion that success meant having the jobs with the amazing titles and ‘climbing potential’, success meant getting the degree at the same time (and allowing others to be impressed by how I was doing it all), it meant achieving the high grades and setting myself up for more of the same in the future…amazingly I did all these things, I got the upper second class honours degree whilst balancing and doing well in both jobs, I was being praised for doing excellent work and making an impact, but on the inside I was crumbling. Panic attacks became a regular occurrence, some days I struggled to even pick up my text books, my relationships became strained because I was so overloaded a conversation often felt like too much; I was living in survival mode and it was taking its toll.

When I finally finished my studies in 2016, I had a degree in my hand and an emptiness in my heart. I’d expected to skip to my graduation filled with elation and possibility, but what I felt instead was nothing. Just a numb, over it feeling of exhaustion and confusion. By this point I’d been running on empty for so long that it took me 6 months of doing very little work at all to begin recovering my mental health and resilience, and it was then I thought, there has got to be another way! Cue cosmic shift that changed (and continues to change my life).

On a quest (like my life depended on it) to find another way I dove head long into all the self-help materials I could find, books, podcasts, videos, courses, counselling, coaching, my real degree and my real job became healing and I’ve never stopped.

In 2018 I decided I would start a business to help share all that I had (and continued to) learn. Let’s Get Back to You was born a self-care mentoring service specifically designed to help people reconnect with what self- care meant to them so they didn’t have to suffer the way I had by ignoring my needs. I learned so much from this experience but ultimately something was off. Within a matter of months (and a few big life changes later) I was burning out again, so I closed the doors resolved that I just wasn’t cut out for that life, for challenging myself or reaching for more than the old tick box way had taught me I could. Trouble was, the idea never left me alone. I was constantly getting niggles, ideas of things I’d love to share, whole courses or e-books would form in my mind, people would find me who needed coaching or mentoring and would rave about the results, and despite my resistance I never stopped learning. I’d still find myself reaching for the podcasts, or looking up courses online that inspired me and pushed me to ask for more. So one day I gave in, I stopped fighting and allowed myself to be curious, allowed myself to open up to the intuitive voice that I now know had been screaming at me for years asking me to reconnect and come home. I signed up for a course, some coaching and some more. In invested in myself and gave the raging hippy in me permission to run free…then in a coaching session one day my coach said ‘you know you’re incredibly intuitive and massively psychic right?’ This was quickly followed by another amazing mentor saying ‘your spirit team are so strong, you’re incredibly connected’ and suddenly it all made sense.

I had always gravitated towards spiritual teachings, to the magical and mystical, the intuitive, the inner knowing, the slightly unexplainable. Deepak Chopra, Gabby Bernstein, Louise Hay, Abram Hicks, Jess Lively, they spoke to me on a level that left me completely in awe, and when I realised that this was what I loved, this was what lit me up, everything changed. It was no longer a surprise that my first attempt at the business hadn’t gone to plan, because I’d been denying parts of myself the whole time out of fear of them, and out of fear of what others would think about them. When I stopped trying to push parts of myself away, and allowed my intuition back into the conversation my ability to support and coach expanded exponentially, my creativity flourished beyond all recognition and my confidence bloomed. I came home to myself and finally understood that it was from this place I was meant to serve. To coach with all my tools, all my gifts, all my learnings and experiences guiding the way. I was meant to shine a light out to others who may be feeling lost and help them find their way home…. And just like that Let’s Get Back to You 2.0 was born.

Now as an intuitive coach, spiritual cheerleader and lightworker I bring all the tools and techniques I learned through my degree, 8 years working in the field and unfathomable hours of self-study to my clients. I also bring a hefty dose of magic, faith, intuition and spiritual guidance to boot, and I’m on a mission to help people transform as I have done by bringing them home to themselves. I empower people to reconnect with their own inner knowing and guidance system, to rip up the rule book and hit reset on the way they have been living their lives, so that they can stop living by the ‘shoulds’ and start living on their own terms.

It’s been a hell of a journey and it’s only just getting started, I’d love to share it with you.

If you feel pulled to reach out and chat, or would like to work together and see what magic awaits in your life, please do not hesitate to get in touch. My inbox and DMs are always open, and if you need me I’m there.

So, there’s a little about me…Now, Let’s Get Back to You!

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