First Steps to Self-Care 4 week e-coaching program

First Steps to Self-Care 4 week e-coaching program


Digital download. E-course/workbook © Amy Carruthers 2020. 


Are you feeling overwhelmed with day to day life right now? Are you overworking and under resting? Are you being called to make a change? Are you looking to shift from a place of self-neglect (I see you there, last place on the list) to self -compassion and loving kindness?  


If so, my Introduction to Self-Care 4 week e-coaching program might be just what you need. This deep and soul centred program will walk you through 4 weeks of transformational change to help you start treating yourself with a little more compassion and little more love. Through my coaching exercises you’ll learn ways to reconnect with yourself and your needs, you’ll be supported to rip up the proverbial self-care rule book and start setting your own terms. You’ll find practical strategies to help you actually start making shifts in real life, and when those pesky blocks come up that have you turning to your old ways, I’ll be waiting in the metaphorical wings to help you call out those limiting patterns and move beyond them!

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