Hi I'm Amy, I'm an Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Cheerleader, and Light Worker. I support people in coming home to themselves so that they can live life on their terms...and I LOVE IT! 

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Amy Carruthers, Intuative coach, spiritual cheerleader, light worker, life coach, spiritual, soul centric coaching, magic, self developement

'Imagine your inner voice with a splash of red lipstick, a blonde bob and a contagious smile and you're starting to picture Amy.  Through her guided sessions, she strikes the perfect balance of leading and listening; helping you to separate your body's needs from the mumble jumble that fogs our judgement.  Ultimately driving YOU to make the decisions and actions you so desperately need to take.  Even from my first session, I came away with the permission to run with my own definition of self-care, and I can't wait to throw more of my hang-ups and barriers her way for the savvy insight she wholeheartedly shares.'

'Thank you! I honestly came away from it with a happy heart. I am so grateful we crossed paths and can chat like there's no tomorrow. You truly are AMAZING at what you do.'

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