I'm Amy the Intuitive Coach and Holistic Wellbeing Mentor behind Let's Get Back to You.
I am on a mission to support people in coming home to themselves so they can stop living by the 'shoulds' and start living life on their own terms. 

If you're feeling the call for change in your life I'd love to support you along the way, because it's a path I've walked (and continue to walk) myself. Here's a little more about my journey...


 My journey into the world of coaching, intuition, and spirituality really started

to unfold when I was in university, but to give you the full picture I now realise I was walking this path long, long before that phase of my life. As a child I experienced a lot strange things I couldn’t explain. I’d know people’s names without having to ask them, I’d have thoughts or get a feeling about something that would then play out in front of me, I’d have dreams that would then unfold in the real world too…the day I met my husband I heard in my mind as clear as day, I’ll marry him one day, and here we are13 years later having been together for all of that time, and married for the last 2 years.


The thing is when I started to have these experiences I didn’t understand them and they scared me half to death, so I buried them and developed a bit of a fear of myself. I was afraid I could make things happen just by thinking about them so I shut that part of myself down and tried to carry on with my life. The thing is that when you’re incredibly intuitive, aware, empathetic and as sensitive as I was a child, the world can feel like a completely overwhelming place. As a result I’ve struggled with anxiety for most of my life, and this came to a head at university when I was studying for a Psychology Degree whilst also working for 2 incredible charities. I was mentoring and providing holistic social and mental health support to families children and young people of all ages. It was work I loved and work I knew I’d been born to do, but I’d taken on too much and I knew it.


Except by this time I’d bought wholeheartedly into the tick list way of life, into the notion that success meant having the jobs with the amazing titles and ‘climbing potential’, success meant getting the degree at the same time (and allowing others to be impressed by how I was doing it all), it meant achieving the high grades and setting myself up for more of the same in the future…amazingly I did all these things, I got the degree whilst balancing and doing well in both jobs, I was being praised for doing excellent work and making an impact, but on the inside I was crumbling. Panic attacks became a regular occurrence, some days I struggled to even pick up my text books, my relationships became strained because I was so overloaded a conversation often felt like too much; I was living in survival mode and it was taking its toll.

When I finally finished my studies in 2016, I had a degree in my hand and an emptiness in my heart. I’d expected to skip to my graduation filled with elation and possibility, but what I felt instead was nothing. Just a numb, over it feeling of exhaustion and confusion. By this point I’d been running on empty for so long that it took me 6 months of doing very little work at all to begin recovering my mental health and resilience, and it was then I thought, there has got to be another way! Cue cosmic shift that changed (and continues to change) my life.  On a quest like my life depended on it to find another way, I dove head long into all the self-help materials I could find. Books, podcasts, videos, courses, counselling, coaching, my real degree and my real job became healing and I’ve never stopped.

Now as an intuitive coach and holistic wellbeing mentor (ACCPH Senior Member) I bring all the tools and techniques I learned through my degree,10 years working in the field and unfathomable hours of self-study to my clients. I also bring a hefty dose of magic, faith, intuition and spirituality to boot. I’m on a mission to help people transform as I have, by bringing them home to themselves. I empower people to reconnect with their own inner knowing and guidance system, to rip up the rule book and hit reset on the way they have been living, so they can stop living by the ‘shoulds’ and start living on their own terms.


I've worked very hard over the years to restore my mental and physical health and understand what I need to be at my best. I've built my business to support that too.

I do business differently so that I can: 


  • Feel mentally and physically well, and not just feel good but thrive, 

  • Show up at my very best to support and cheer for my clients, 

  • Embody and model all the things I hope to uncover within them, that's: self-awareness and connection, self-compassion and respect, freedom, choice and possibility, 

  • Give myself the space to take care of myself, listen to my needs, continue to learn, heal and grow. 

    I do business differently so that I don't: 


  • Let my health and healing fall by the wayside, 

  • Burn out, 

  • Show up at anything less than my best for those I'm supporting,  

  • Talk the talk without walking the walk (I know it's cliche but in this case it works). 

What doing business differently means for me: 

  • Working a 4 day week (that looks like spending 1 day on my business, 1 day being creative and playing with new ideas, offerings and possibilities, 1 day facilitating Dedicate days and 1 day with my Restore lovelies). 

  • Offering a maximum of 4 Dedicate days a month, 

  • Working with a maximum of 6 Restore clients at a time,  

  • Making sure I have space (and give you space) within the day to switch off and check in (I'll be available from 9.30-2.30 Monday- Thursday). 


My values guide and shape how my business (and I) show up for you, and the world. I want to be a force for good and light, so below I've shared my foundations so you can understand a little more of what to expect from working with me.

It's my commitment to you as you take this journey. 

Professional Conduct, Accountability and Personal Embodiment,​


Impact: Environmental and Social.

So, there's a little more about me... now Let's Get Back to You 

If you're feeling the call to work together I cannot wait to 'meet' you!

I'm so excited for you to step into the magic. 

Let's find out if we're good fit... drop me an email via: welcomehome@letsgetbacktoyou.co.uk so we can jump on a call and get to know each other. Alternatively, you can book a 30 minute Connect Call via the button below!

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