It's time to come home to yourself, to forget all you've been told or taught and write your own rules! It's time to remember who you are and why you're here, it's time to recognise the power and potential within you, to know it's true limitless nature and to become who you truly are. Allow me to hold space for you, be your spiritual cheerleader and your guide as you step into a new phase of your life, transcend your stories and find your truth... come home. 

I combine a scientific mind and a spiritual heart. I have a Psychology degree and 9 years experience working in the world of wellness and social support. I also have a passion for all things 'woo woo' and soul centric! I'm all about energy, connecting with the earth, calling in your power with the elements (plus spirit team, of course) and shining you light in the world! I bring with me a balance of practical and magical. 

Amy Carruthers - Intuitive Coach | Spiritual Cheerleader | Light Worker 

'Thank you! I honestly came away from it with a happy heart. I am so grateful we crossed paths and can chat like there's no tomorrow. You truly are AMAZING at what you do.'


'Imagine your inner voice with a splash of red lipstick, a blonde bob and a contagious smile and you're starting to picture Amy. Through her guided sessions, she strikes the perfect balance of leading and listening; helping you to separate your body's needs from the mumble jumble that fogs our judgement. Ultimately driving YOU to make the decisions and actions you so desperately need to take. Even from my first session, I came away with the permission to run with my own definition of self-care, and I can't wait to throw more of my hang-ups and barriers her way for the savvy insight she wholeheartedly shares.'

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The Spiritual Psychologist, podcast, inspiration, support, Let's Get Back to You
Starting the conversation, podcast, self care, inspiration, support, community, Let's Get Back to You

I’m on a mission to help people transform by bringing them home to themselves. I empower people to reconnect with their own inner knowing and guidance system, to rip up the rule book and hit reset, so that they can stop living by the ‘shoulds’ and start living on their own terms. As an intuitive coach, spiritual cheerleader and lightworker I bring all the tools and techniques I've learned through my degree, 9 years working in the field and unfathomable hours of self-study to my clients. I also bring a hefty dose of magic, faith, intuition and spiritual guidance to boot!

If you're feeling called to reconnect with yourself and come back home to who you truly are and what you really want, why not book a free connect call with me and see if we CLICK!! 

I recently collaborated with the oh so lovely business and marketing strategist Alice Benham. This is what Alice had to say about her experience working with me:

"Amy's contribution and perspective is invaluable, especially in a setting like mine where things can become very focused on taking action and making things happen. Prompting people to step back, reflect and give themselves permission to do things in a way that works for them is something Amy does so well!"


Alice's clients also had some incredible feedback to share! 

"Just to say I loved the document that Amy put together! Showing up can feel so overwhelming at times and whilst you taught us all the practical stuff, it's really helpful to feel supported in the more mental and emotional side of social media"

"Thanks so much for this! The prompting reflections were really powerful in helping me feel aligned and purposeful with my action, doing things in a way that feels right for me."


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Welcome home!

Embodying and empowering the soulful transformation that's possible for all.
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